A harmonious union of seven Emirates, the United Arab Emirates with its variety of specialties draws hundreds of thousands of people per year. But to enjoy the complete spirit of its most famous Dubai region, you need to take a look at all of Dubai’s big festivals to select the perfect season for your next journey. Such Grand Celebrations in Dubai pull together not just the natives but also the tourists from all around the globe and make the experience more enthralling to be a participant of. so here are the top five greatest Dubai events you can’t possibly afford to lose out on.

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1. New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

While the years go by, Dubai serves to make sure that the people are inspired with fresh ideas of festivities. Tour Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain to witness a spectacular light display with dazzling fireworks and dance fountain sequence. Be a part of a worldwide community’s final countdown and launch your year with a big ceremonial bang.

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2. National Day

National Day

National Day is representative of the harmonious unity of seven UAE emirates. As the UAE’s defining day, citizens assemble and commemorate December 2nd with parades, cultural festivities, buying clothes, and scrumptious food. Experience the nearby cultural festivities and celebrate this unique day with the communities living in Emiratis.

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3. International Boat Show

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Dubai International Boat Show is one of Dubai’s coolest activities. Luxurious yachts from across the globe are shown annually. The entire day is full of live music and movies. As with boat exhibits, the multinational boat display in Dubai has a calming atmosphere that begins at 3 pm and lasts until close to the end of the day at 11 pm. If you are into luxurious experiences, this is a must-visit.

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4. Dubai Summer Surprise

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The Dubai Summer Surprise slogan is to shop until you drop. This summer season festival is being organized for locals and visitors in June, July & August to boost their consumer experience with big sales promotions and incentives in supermarkets, shopping centers, and online retail platforms. Online websites such as Rezeem promote holiday sales and regularly publish deals of popular stores so that any customer can save dollars while ordering online as well.

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5. Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

The town is a center for many tourist destinations and one of Dubai’s most exciting activities is none other than the major Dubai Shopping Festival. This is conducted yearly, which is at the close of each year, and is extended until the start of the next year. On this day buy your favorite products at the lowest cost.

Enjoying the above experiences in the UAE is something that everybody ought to do at least once in their lives. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing during your stay and one can’t afford to skip out on these festivities and it’s just as relevant for children as it is for adults. From a 1-year-old infant to a 60-year-old adult, Dubai’s annual festivities leave all of us amused.

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