Tourism in Dubai is about the sleek elegance of urban skyscrapers, iconic nightlife, tropical deserts, and excursions in the desert. Located on the South East Coast of the Persian Gulf, our tour guide from Dubai will be an interactive one to this biggest and most famous UAE city. Being the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, it is a region that is full of energy. Dubai’s main tourism destinations feature Burj Khalifa, Dubai City, Dubai Castle, and Palm Islands. To plan your trip well beforehand, get yourself a tourist map of Dubai and start your own exploration of the city! Although Dubai may be renowned for being a metropolitan city with lots of luxury hotels, shopping centers, and boutique hotels, make sure you get a glimpse of its street food. There is no full walk around the city without a slice or two of its tasty street food. Here’s a selective compilation of the most famous and the street foods the locals seriously love. You will encounter flavors from several different backgrounds, which will render the Dubai street food scene a total melting point. Go and check out these! Book Dubai Packages at the best prices.

1. Kebabs at Pars Iranian Kitchen

Dubai Street Food

Such well-known Iranian kebabs are another local favorite you must seek whether you are in Dubai or the Middle East. Kebabs are long field skewers, and seasoned meat fried over coals. A load of rice and few pickles are placed on board. You could also put mint leaves on it. The mixture is sure to impress you!

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2. Kabayan Cuisine

Dubai Street Food

Check out the mouth-watering skewered marinated chicken heads, liver, and lungs, eaten at Ortego grill with a large amount of rice. This heavy metal is a famous Philippine recipe and has found its own spot in Emiratis’ hearts. While you are in Dubai do not hesitate to take a slice of this street food with Byko Juice.

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3. Samboosa

Dubai Street Food

Samboosa is a term originally from India and the relative of its Indian equivalent, the samosa, may be called. Such packed pastries with a triangular shape are filled with beef, fruits, cheese, and spices. This is a rather popular snack in both India and Dubai. At Satwa seek this delicious recipe for more flavors.

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4. Shawarma and Manakeesh at Al Mallah

Dubai Street Food

As their shawarmas and manakeesh are top-notch and authentic, Al Mallah is well esteemed as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the region. You can also get a glimpse of December Street from front row seats.

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5. Chicken Tikka

Dubai Street Food

If you are a meat lover, you would need to visit Ravi, a restaurant renowned for its meat dishes from Peshwari mutton to chicken tikka, classic biryani, and much more. Over the last few decades, Biryani has become very common among the Emirates. Make sure you don’t forget to try their daal fry.

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Dubai’s Main Food

Emirati cuisine is inspired by the Middle East and Asian cuisine or traditional UAE foods. Local dishes primarily consist of meat, grain, and milk products. Most food is prepared in a single container containing plenty of veggies and seasonings such as saffron, turmeric, and cardamom. In Dubai, lamb kebab, cuboos, khabeesa, and Harees and Falafel are commonly recognized recipes.

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