Starting to plan a visit to Dubai and curious what is available for you on the silver tray? Then do not fret! With a mix of Persian, Lebanese, and Arabic dishes, Dubai’s cuisine can keep you longing for more. Whether you are a fan of outdoor dinner or not, you should not miss the luscious tastes that Dubai cuisine has for you. The tantalizing scent of Dubai’s picturesque delicacies would definitely give you a foodgasm. Check out all these culinary pleasures that would make your stomach sing in happiness. Dubai’s iconic Arab city is not only regarded as the best tourism destination in the Middle East but also worldwide. If you are interested in Dubai’s Exotic Dishes. Book now Dubai Packages at the best prices.

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(A)   Kellaj

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Along with foreign food, extravagance is something you can not overlook. Check out these incredible exotic meals and then let us know your new favorite! A bread loaded with halloumi cheese and grilled charcoal, it is a savory accompaniment to try during your Dubai cuisine time. This recipe is a great choice to satiate the little beast of hunger hounding your bellies.

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(B) Tabbouleh

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Lip-smackingly delicious, no matter how you write it out. Tabbouleh is a salad made of tomatoes, green onions and cucumber, fresh mint, and lemon juice. Pleased!

Can and should try: Flavored with Blueberry and Maize, it is also worth attempting the stuffed grape leaves variant

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(C)   Fatteh

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Fatteh consists of three layers, suitable for an early evening dinner. The foundations are bread soaking in stock, chickpeas in the middle, stuffed aubergines, and ultimately a yogurt and a tahini sauce are topped.

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(D)   Al Harees

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When paired with a few hours baking, wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt create this utterly wonderful recipe that makes you desire a more additional helping. Al Harees is one of Dubai’s most popular dishes, often consumed during Ramadan, Eid, and weddings.

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(E)  Manousheh

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Manousheh – The regional pizza is an outstanding option for spicy taste buds and is the best alternative for a tasty meal. Spread with exotic surfaces, such as salty Akkawi’s cheese, earthy zaatar herbs and olive oil.

Consider this version covered by smooth sour labneh, spicy jelly, eggs, and minced lamb.

Other than practically every other country on Earth, the United Arab Emirates are, and Dubai is their crown jewel. Dubai had been a land of pearls for centuries, and divers risked dying by diving up to 40 meters underwater, finding tiny, tempting beads.

Ultimately, the oil and manufacturing sector began to give way to the weathering of magic and the hazard of pearl collecting. Dubai is now a hotbed of leisure, industry, and electricity, and it still beams in its rich and quirky history and culture.

Dubai food culture even now feels and tastes of the amazing world it used to be. And the best part? We offer Cheap Dubai International Tour Packages so you can make the most out of your Dubai trip.