Singapore has been described as a playground for the wealthy and there is certain pomp of fortune throughout the small city-state. But Singapore appears to offer much more than high-end shopping centers, luxury villas, and great food (while you can have something to enjoy). There is also a vivid heritage, various cultural districts, and a wide variety of familiar attractions and public areas that justify the cost of the visit. Book Singapore Packages today!

Singapore has a strong network of public transport, which makes it easy to get around. When you understand the metro map, you do not have trouble zipping from the city area to the next section.

English can be spoken everywhere, and the signs are also in English. Indeed Singapore has always been one of Southeast Asia’s easiest and most convenient countries to explore. And as long as you do not compare prices with neighboring Thailand or Vietnam, you are in for an enchanting tour. If you want to go to 6 Famous Places to Explore in Singapore? Book now Singapore Packages at the best prices.

1. China Town

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Chinatown in Singapore clashes dramatically with the rest of the area, with low-rise buildings and entertainment spilling through the streets, from the aromatic tastes of Chinese food to the bright red and gold colors flowing across the city.

It is a region that is proud of its history and puts it on exhibit quite a lot. Adorned Chinese, Buddhist, and Hindu temples, galore museums as well as plenty of chances to soak up the crowded streets packed with traditional townhouses.

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2. Marina Bay Sands

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The lavish resort complex of Marina Bay Sands features a high-end luxury property, a mall with a river that passes across it, the Art Science Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck — a viewing point to take in the whole area. The observation deck and infinity tub of the Skypark are found in the ship that overhangs the guest’s house. The indoor swimming pool is only permitted to be used by hotel guests, but anybody can use the viewing platform.

When on top of the building, visitors can pick a treat or relax with a beverage at the cafe on the roof, or start collecting some trinkets from the shop. You might receive an environmentally sustainable-screened shot (also green-screen) of yourself in front of the big building because it is all illuminated at nighttime.

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3. Singapore Zoo

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The Singapore Zoo is a pretty impressive destination and is called the world’s best rainforest park. The site is pleasant and friendly, with plenty of luscious plants and a significant amount of plant communities for the animals.

The orangutans are especially impressive and tourists can see infants and grown-ups hanging high over their shelves and eating snacks or fruits. There also are a large family of primates, zebras, meerkats, komodo dragons, mole rats, lions, kangaroos, and many more.

Feedings for some animal species are open to visitors. They let you go around the zoo for at least three hours to fully enjoy the experience. Make this experience better with our Singapore tour packages.

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4. Merlion Park

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Merlion of Singapore is the image of a legendary beast that has a lion’s forehead, and a fish’s torso and tail. Merlion symbolizes the modest background of the city as a fishing town associated with Singapore, a “lion town,” a traditional Malayan description.

The building, which was moved in 2002 to Merlion Park, where it can oversee Marina Bay, measures 70 tons and rises at 8.6 meters tall, spewing water in a stream from its own face.

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5. Singapore Flyer

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If the Marina Bay Sands observation tower does not really work for you, consider having tea from Singapore flyer, the biggest giant observation pedal in the nation, and look across the town. Choose from many other bundles that permit you to enjoy the panorama that not only covers the Singapore Slopes but also as far as the Indonesian Spice Islands and the Johor Straits of Malaysia.

A number of ticket packages can be selected and each provides access to the Journey of Dreams multimedia display which examines the background of Singapore and the development of the Singapore Flyer.

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6. Gardens by the Bay

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You can not stay away once you have seen this beautifully crafted green space (maybe from the top of the Marina Bay Sands). Walkthrough the Bay East Park, ideal for a moment to admire the colorful plant life and get away from the busy traffic.

Supertree Grove, where you will find a group of legendary, revolutionary formations capable of performing ecologically responsible functions, would not want to miss. Then go to the Cloud Forest Dome for the highest indoor waterfall in the world and get to learn something about biological diversity. Check the boarding pass selling prices and journey time intervals on the homepage of the website.

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