There are a thousand reasons for us to enjoy travelling. And picking top 5 best honeymoon destinations for the dream romantic getaway becomes more important than anything else for the newly-married couples around the world. It will definitely be the most memorable experience of your life, needless to say. If you both share the same love for food with any luck, there can not be a better method for your wedding night than travelling to locations around the world that offer the finest flavours.

But also, to make you enjoy the romance of journeying together, these tourist attractions need to be intimate enough as well. We have put together a list of the most beautiful foodie honeymoon locations throughout the world to help make your decision easier. Choose something you like the most, and instantly book your dream honeymoon destinations with our:

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Honeymoon Destinations for Foodie Couples

1. Dubai


Dubai is not only a sanctuary for those in search of thrill or the idea of amusement outside the country. For everybody in a relationship, the region has a special fondness! Treat yourself to the spectacular skyscrapers, breath-taking seas, amaze your taste-buds with unique culinary delights, or just experience the tropical desert in detail. If you want a long, scenic evening-walk, date night underneath the constellations, sailing in the swirling winds or making a campfire in the mountains, there is something for everybody!

Must-Try Dishes:

For a romantic getaway, Pierchic is unquestionably among the most popular tourist attractions. It is the setting, together with the interesting activities, that will bring out the beautiful and touching conversations. The perspective is quite impressive, besides having served several of the best seafood meals in the city. Pierchic is situated in the Arabian Sea on its personal dock, so its wonderful setting offers a spectacular atmosphere in a romantic sense.

2. Bali


The Most Romantic Hotels:

Bed & Breakfast for Puri Beji:- Discover the pinnacle of comfort with the Bed and Breakfast Puri Beji. If you have a cash flow, this is the best way to honeymoon in Canggu. Treat yourself to the biggest tourist attractions in Bali on this once in a lifetime experience during your romantic getaway!

The Hotel Jayakarta:- The Jayakarta Hotel is situated between Legian beach and the Double Six beach on the oceanfront. Offering accommodation from backyard cabins to pools and sea view condos, this property is decorated with beautiful parks. Jayakarta is among the best destinations on the shoreline in Bali, lying in the middle of spending limit and greater luxurious lifestyle.

Must-Try Dishes: 

Kuta Street Tour of Food:- Kuta is a town of coordinated madness, host to some of the finest delights of the evening, producing a perfect street food picnic. In Bali, each place has a major effect as to how their cuisine is cooked and spiced. This ensures that in no time you can have your olfactory senses humming and your stomach is going to be quite satisfied.

3. Thailand


There is a large variety of dishes in The Land of a Thousand Smiles that will extend your strongly held Thai dining conceptions. The country adeptly balances sweet and spicy from its silky smooth soups and stews to the tangy som tam papaya salads with 4 separate regions, all with their own flavour palette. Also on crowded roads of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, street vendors burst with steam and flame as fresh seafood and spongy fruit rice are served under the soaring limestone karsts of the Andaman Coast.

 4. Singapore


If you are most elated by contemporary extravagance, then experiences of your romantic getaway in Singapore will be permanently engraved in your bones. In this metropolis, larger-than-life buildings, spectacular restaurants, impeccable lawns, and much more, look forward to receiving you.

Singapore’s culinary choices will have you hooked and pleading for more, from sidewalk-food to modern-dining. The restaurants of celebrity chefs and their sumptuous haute cuisine creations are a must-try here!

The Most Romantic Hotels:-

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

Must-Try Dishes:-

Laksa, Bak Chor Mee, Tau Huay, Bak Kut The

5. Turkey


Cappadocia is a venue unlike anything else in the world, with its distinctive rock formations, aptly named fairy chimneys, and also most endeavours here, such as rock climbing, horse riding and hot-air ballooning, are centred on discovering its unearthly scenery. But Cappadocia has a heritage, tradition and food culture beyond its beautiful landscapes that render it well worth the 90-minute trip from Istanbul.

Must-Try Dishes:-

Manti (a meat-filled pasta served in a creamy yoghurt sauce flavoured with sumac), testi kebab (a meat stew baked in a ceramic pot that is split open at the table), Kabak cicegi dolması (stuffed flowers of zucchini) and pide (flatbread often topped with meat, cheese and egg) are among the culinary delicacies here. It is flavorful, rich food that blends seamlessly with the vigorous red wines manufactured in the province. Yes, for more than 7,000 years, Turkey has really been producing wine.

The Most Romantic Hotels:-

Sleep in one of the high-end hotels constructed deep into the mountains for absolutely intimate homestay; the caves suites at Argos in Cappadocia are especially enjoyable.

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