The sun is shining through the gaps of the palm leaf in the early hours, leaving lots of light patches in the house. All those little monkeys tap your door softly, you stand up and clutch the gate in order to peer into the horizon. The white and the gentle shoreline, the clear and the turquoise water are far off and the sound effects of the waters, the air currents, and the bird species are all in your ears. This paradise-like tropical region has much more than thirty coastal areas laid down like a jewel in the blue ocean. With that many island chains, working all around is clearly unrealistic. We help you choose a few territories with a lot of activity, but with smaller crowds. Book Thailand Packages at the best prices.

Top 3 Islands in Krabi

1. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is composed of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lay, two sibling islands. It is widely known for its spiritual caves and untouched natural characteristics among visitors from all around the globe. For many international visitors, it is a must to stop at Krabi and Phuket.

The Phi Phi Don Hotel is well equipped in the north, and many visitors chose to spend one evening here. Outside of Similan and Dachau Island, this is another warm island, however, the fee is possibly a bit more costly. Phi Phi Lay is untraveled in the south, with mountain peaks and sharp rock formations, making a bridge tough to construct. There are several different types of marine life, so the ocean is clear here, so it is quite ideal for divers. A lot of tourists come to Maya Bay only to enjoy the blue water and the thriving coconut trees!

On Phi Phi Island, numerous people may find it difficult to give due consideration to both hostels and having fun. 2-3 days is in fact, adequate. Make an exclusive plan to have enjoyable activities for a day and then stay the evening after that. Return with the traveler community on the second day. What a perfectly balanced schedule!

  • 20 THB for the Phi Phi Don island service charge, and 200 THB for the Phi Phi Lay island payment.
  • Access for most of the day.
  • The Phi Phi Island one-day trip, including the nearby islands such as Bamboo Island, Monkey Island, and Mosquito Island, will be available.

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2. Rock Island

Rock Island

Rock Island is a component of the Lanta Islands National Park, often recognized as Naco Island, and comprises of 2 island nations, Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok. The coast, divided by a subsurface body of water, at a width of 250 meters from one another, is situated on the reverse side of the two islands, in the coastal region of Krabi and Trang. While Rock Island is no whiter or wider than Similan, this almost-unknown hidden coastline would seem nicer than the densely populated Similan. There are incredibly clear bodies of water, super-rich deep-sea life forms, urchins, sea cucumbers, jellyfish, different coral reefs, and colorful tropical fish schools. Glorious sunlight, undiluted freshwater, vast heaven, everything is the flavor of utopia. Even if it is only a quick journey, the stillness here would still hold you.

Indeed, Rock Island is a divers’ delight. Since it is only accessible for 150 days per year and exclusively restricts the number of people living in the area, not so many people is here let alone sabotaged by man. On Rock Island, there really is no guesthouse, only tents are leased out and only 50 people a day are permitted to live in those places. To spend a night on the island, you have to qualify ahead of time. Numerous different amenities do not exist. The coast has thus not been built up much and retains a truly classic impression.

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3. Four islands

Four islands

The loud and annoying crowds are exhausted, but reluctant to part with the blue sea and the sky. All you want to do is relax on the serene and undiluted Krabi Hong Island beach and listen to the music of the open ocean. Tube Island, Moh Island, Chicken Island, and Poda Island are four other beautiful islands concealed in the Krabi Sea. The landscapes are gorgeous and worth seriously considering. On Chicken Island, there is a bizarre stone that looks like a masculine rooster in the location. The beach line follows the tidal wave of the sea at the other end of the coast. With exceptionally high accessibility, the water is remarkable and pale; the ocean surface is more colorful, particularly well-suited for snorkeling!

More of a tropical paradise, Poda Island seems to be. Very few visitors are already here, so the climate of the area is kept very nice and much more authentic. It could be said that it is mother natures genius. The coastline, with transparent and pleasant water surrounding it, is chicken-shaped, which is very appropriate for diving. And it has a very lush coral reef with numerous schools of fish, where you can also strike up a conversation with the bird species in the clouds.

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