Not only is Istanbul renowned for its ethnic heritage and culture; its thriving avenues, art centres, exhibitions and stunning shopping malls, iconic and bustling spaces; the glorious city centre now offers many attractions for tourists who love nature, providing the opportunity to get some natural light where citizens can break free from their urban life for at least a little while.

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Visit Top 6 Istanbul Parks

1. Macka Democracy Park

Macka Democracy Park

This park, ideal for artists, is showered in a wide variety of colours. You could embrace the colours of brown in fall, and variations of green can appeal to the soul as spring arrives. The park transforms into a pretty white as the snow comes in the cold season. Two different recreational fields, two separate children’s playgrounds, two coffee houses (in which you can also get a plate of food), a man-made mainland and nine different synthetic pools are situated in this park. To get to Taksim really quickly, you could use the string railway within the park!

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2. Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park

Imagine a park that is so full of vibrant tulips that joy bathes at your feet. Surely, Emirgan Grove is that field! Here, from one of the 3 pavilions, you could very well enjoy a lunch overlooking the Bosphorus or have high tea, dinner or some coffee in the morning. The park holds a showcase of tulips that is composed of 190 different kinds of flowers. The garden is illuminated with 2.8 million flowers during most of the exhibition, which lasts from 1st to 30th April. There are also 120 distinct tree and bush types in the area. It is the most gorgeous floral field you would ever see, honestly.

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3. Fenerbahce Park

Fenerbahce Park

For individuals who wish to escape the busy environments of some other nature reserves, this park is like paradise. Many citizens come here to chill and read some books or sip on a cup of coffee from their travel mug. It is worthwhile seeing the gum forests, which are 150 years old, and then when the spring arrives, the Judas trees will begin to be shown in their majestic state. For as long as you like, you can roller skate, ride a bicycle or sprint!

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4. Bebek Park

Bebek Park

Bebek Park is best suited for a lovely morning stroll, specifically populated by all those who want to have some clean, cool air during summer. At the convergence of the green and the blue, you will feel absolutely incredible strolling. When you enter the Rumeli Hisari at Bebek Park, you will be welcomed by a glimpse of the Bosphorus and the ships stationed at the harbour, where you can relax underneath the centuries-old woods and enjoy the scenery as well as take a nice ride down the tracks.

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5. Yildiz Park

Yildiz Park

This park is simply perfect, with a lush green and peaceful atmosphere. There are more than 120 kinds of tropical trees and bushes, and there are also 3 pavilions where you can admire the scenery with a cup of coffee or tea or even a lovely meal. It is renowned among runners, strollers, and bikers, and you would never have known you were in the centre of a lively community.

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6. Cubuklu Park

Cubuklu Park

Just on way from Üsküdar to Beykoz, on a hilltop the Bosphorus, Çubuklu Park, that undergoes a radical turnaround in spring and early summer, the Khedive Palace offer breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. We know that Istanbul is rich in historical attractions, and we already realise that numerous lavish mansions and vacation residences were left by the Ottoman Empire for us to enjoy today.

Most of these are conveniently situated within the area, making them easy to reach, but due to the traffic on the road, they are often very loud at times. If you want to feel real happiness and peace when you move back through history, then the place for you is Khedive Palace.

You will witness the spring to the maximum potential in the tulip gardens circling the Khedive Palace joined by chirping birds, stroll along the road zigzagging through the pine trees, and take in the scenery through the observational patio.

Khedive Palace is functional from 9 am until 12 am every day. The palace is situated on the Asian side of the city, so through Marmaray, the simplest way is to travel over to Kadikoy. The castle is conveniently signposted and just very few minutes’ journeys from there. To take advantage of the Marmaray ferries, you will require your Istanbul Card.

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