Paragliding is the best experience you could do and ride like a falcon in the clouds. This flight pursuit is a fantastic and memorable experience with low weight, foot-launched glider plane without a fixed principal frame. Just picture witnessing the scenes of Dubai’s supernatural venue from high up in the air, or even just visualize flying behind such a ship over crystal clear waters! This site is just what parasailing and paragliding in Dubai promise. Take a glance at this overview of how and where you can pursue the most popular Emirate adventurous sport! Book Dubai Packages & enjoy Parasailing & Paragliding in Dubai.

Paragliding In Dubai

Paragliding In Dubai

1. The Sky Safari Emirates

The Sky Safari Emirates

The Sky Safari Emirates is in Sharjah, Dubai. SSE’s team offers all thrill-seekers the finest paragliding opportunity. They provide a one-off taster, intensive flight training, and something tailored as per the particular needs of each client. In order to maintain the incredible experience with you for the rest of the time, you will be traveling over the Al Faya Desert and might include a GoPro snap.

Parasailing in Dubai

Parasailing in Dubai

In Dubai, both paragliding and parasailing are extremely rewarding. In comparison, parasailing has become one of the adventurous and once-in-a-lifetime events to experience and is among the most significant aspects of this activity. Keeping the surge of adrenaline high is the ultimate game. Parasailing in Dubai is very unique as not only are you going to enjoy the stunning views of the Arabian shore from upwards and beautiful blue seas, but also the spectacular views of high rising structures and monuments.

1. Sea-Bird Water Sports Equipment Rental IIc

Sea-Bird Water Sports Equipment Rental IIc

Sea-Bird Water Equipment Rental offers aquatic experiences for individuals as well as families and numerous water activities, such as cruise rides, water tours, recreational sports, and parasailing. You can witness parasailing in the West Marina of Dubai.

You’re going to fly 500 feet over sea level. The overall trip would take between 40 and 50 minutes, with a flight time of between 12 and 15 minutes.

2. Sea Wake

Sea Wake

Seawake is the leading water sports business in Dubai providing a wide variety of water experiences for, couples, and communities such as trips, yacht tours, boat trips, and recreational sports. it has much more than just one beach destinations around Dubai city. Of the deals, two are-

Parasailing off Jumeirah Beach in Dubai: Ride across the Arabian Gulf on this thrilling parasailing experience and experience sights of Palm Island, Dubai Marina as well as other city attractions of Dubai. You can travel reaching a height of 500 feet or 152 meters as well as several trip lengths are planned.

Duration: 20 min.

3. Flyboard & Parasailing Combo off Jumeirah Beach In Dubai

Flyboard & Parasailing Combo off Jumeirah Beach In Dubai

Play multiple games at almost the same time at Seawake’s flyboard-and-parasail combination in Dubai. You would experience this activity with all the correct guidance and tools without spending any resources and investing any cash on any previous program. Everyone who is between the age of 10-70 could play this game. With this duo sports kit at the cheapest price promise, watch the experience at the popular JBR beach and have a lifetime opportunity to experience it.

Duration: 45 min.

4. Skyland Tourism

Skyland Tourism

Skyland’s tourism provides parasailing on Dubai Marina beach. The pick-up and drop-off facility is included in the program. The passenger would have to be 7 years old or older and his / her reservation must have been for at least two individuals. It is 15 minutes at a height of 200 meters from the water level.

5. Parasailing Dubai

Parasailing Dubai

You would be up 500 feet above the water at Parasailing Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You would have to cross a distance from there to find the sports point and then you’ll once more head to the same location.

Departure and Return Point: Al Rahim Mosque, Al Seba Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Duration: Total journey is of 40 to 50 minutes of time including 12 to 15 minutes of flying time.

6. Parasailing Adventure & Boat Tour Of Jumeirah Beach In Dubai

Parasailing Adventure & Boat Tour Of Jumeirah Beach In Dubai

Take a panoramic view of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai eye, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Marina at 500 m above mean sea level, and even take a soothing ride of a cruise that will have music for you. You will also get a stunning view of the wonderful high rise buildings.

Paragliding and Parasailing is perhaps the most enjoyable experience of this aerial activity in Dubai. These activities are some of the things that maintain excitement in the body. A trained coach with safety gear can fly across the field. So, if you intend to visit Dubai, but this exciting activity on your list of places to visit

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