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Thailand is the best place for you. While the touristic attractions are fun, while traveling abroad, there is still some ambitious delight to explore the least renowned jewels. So once you marked your way through Thailand with beaches and parties, watch out for these magnificent hidden treasures off the tourist trail.

1.   Lotus Lake

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This is a wetland flash of flamingo-pink lotus flowers located in Tambon Chiang Halo. Lotus Lake is a constellation of lotuses floating on crystal-clear waters, hidden by tall elephant grass and frequented by villagers who visit the lake to collect snails and lotus stalks for their dinner.

The Red Lotus Sea (sometimes also known as the Red Lotus Lake), which is known as the Talay Bua Deang in Thailand, is officially known as the Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake. In the cooler months, the lake is a large yet quite normal lake most of the year and becomes in a magical wonderland of beautiful pink shades. Indeed, the lake is named one of the most strange lakes in the world because of its picturesquely beautiful flowering of the striking lotus flowers.

Pink lotus flowers spread like a blanket across the water, with narrow streams clearing through the flowers to allow the passage of small boats easily. The lake has several small islands, some with shrines and other spiritual sites.

Small fish swim in the waters as little birds flip around boats playfully. If you are fortunate, you might see any heron, moorhen, or duck or other birds, usually only by the sea. There are some shorebirds, though. Early mornings are more likely to see birdlife.

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2. Erawan Cascading Waterfalls and Caves

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Nestled in the Tha Kradan Erawan National Park, the Erawan Waterfall is a series of seven cascades over a calcareous terrace, whose most upper elevation is said to be similar to the legendary three-headed elephant. This park also has several caves called Mi, Wang Bohdan, Rua, and Phartat, aside from their waterfalls. If you plan to visit this park, wear walking shoes and bring a change of clothing, perhaps if you wish to sprinkle in some of the swimming pools around the waterfalls.

The total length of the seven levels stretches across the park’s thick rainforest for about 1,500 m. Each step has a name for itself. You get relatively simple because you can get there on a flat track right from the parking lot of the visitation center, from the first waterfall – called Hlai Keun Lung. The highlight of this first waterfall is a large number of fish swim in the pools of smooth, calcareous water sculpted. The fish are pretty curious and swim your legs around. At first, it may be overwhelming, but gradually you will get accustomed to it. As it goes to the next level, Wung Macha, usually busier with swimmers, this trail becomes steeper.

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3. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew—The Temple of a Million Beers

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Located in Si Kaeo and with over 1,5 million beer bottles discarded, this unique temple complex was built. In 1984 – when a community of monks agreed to clean up garbage in Sisaket in favor of recycling – what began as the ‘100 bottles of beer on a wall’ initiative quickly became a full-range construction project, with green and brown bottles of Beer filling the temple walls, water towers, sleeping areas, and even toilets.

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4. Bo Sang Umbrella Village

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The beautiful paper parasols in Thailand are of an ethereal quality and you can see they are manufactured in Bo Sang craft village. Walk around the village to see how nearly everyone here creates these magnificent parasols and get in the gift shop to buy some home. You would be lucky to be part of the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival if you were there in January.

The key highlight is the umbrella farm, alongside craft shops, the selling of umbrellas, and paper items, where artisans and women can look out for the umbrellas. In a mounting line set-up, you can visit all stations, from the smallest parts to fully assembled parts, the drawing station, sundry stations, and the finished product are ready to be shown at craft stores, with green lawns laden with shining, colored shades of all sizes.

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5. Baanphasawan

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If you want to live in a fruit style, head towards Baanphasawan, a high-quality resort with 100 fruit, vegetable, and plant avoids. Durian, an exotic fruit originally from Thailand, has only a seed bank in the resort and fruit orchards. This property of 80 hectares with nebulous mountains around it is a nice place for botanical enthusiasts.

The resort is located at the end of a highway off the main road, more than 18 miles from the nearest city, a small market village near the Myanmar border, which has no tourist services. Once in the resort, guests are nevertheless able to sleep in fully stocked homes such as colossal pineapples, dragonfruit orchards, durian, mangosteen, mushroom, and bamboo, all of them surrounded by vergers.

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