Popular for its gorgeous surfing beaches, the Bali coast has so much more to offer, particularly to a snorkelling adventurer, and you can find the best snorkelling beach in Bali in this article. It does not matter whether you are a young pro exploring the waves or you are a confident experienced snorkeler under the sea level cover, Bali provides enough for everybody. The best thing is culture, you can not guess what you can discover underwater level, it is a secret culture with the entire world out there. It is a great diving location, but Bali’s underwater would not discourage those who do not want to hold a tank on their chest to get deeper into Scuba. Bali is the go-to location for those not more into the technical details of snorkelling activities. Let’s go Snorkeling In Bali.

Bali is known by researchers to be in the ‘Coral Triangle’ and that suggests that Bali has the globe’s most incredible splendour in aquatic biodiversity.

Although that’s not always turquoise blue, the waterways will turn rugged in Bali, so before going ahead, you really have to think your limits through. If you understand just where to search beneath the water’s surface, you will discover tremendous ecosystems, utterly beautiful coral reefs, crystal blue seas, newborn sharks, WWII shipwrecks, massive mantas, and more than anything, the world’s biggest man-made coral reef!

Top 9 Gorgeous Spots To Go Snorkeling In Bali

1. Wreck Of The USAT Liberty, Tulamben

Wreck Of The USAT Liberty, Tulamben

Look out for the colourful coral reef and sea life at the Wreck of the USAT Liberty in Tulamben as you plunge in. It is among the most common Bali snorkelling spots between Bali lovers. You should consider the wreckage of the American warship, USAT Liberty, here under the sea. As it was crossing the Lombok Strait, the vessel was punctured during WWII. While the Liberty ship successfully reached as far as Bali, it had already drawn on so much liquid before then, it was then washed ashore off Tulamben and Fin.

It is definitely a bit of a challenge for you to try to get through to the base of the 30 m deep wreck, but the tip of the crash stretches up to 5 m submerged if you are not an experienced scuba diver or a swimmer. Many of the 125 m wrecks can be seen through the surface while the environment is crystal clear. Travel here for an unforgettable snorkelling tour of Bali.

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2. The Coral Garden, Tulamben

The Coral Garden, Tulamben

There is much more to Tulamben than that of the Liberty shipwreck, in reality, the flamboyant Coral park is the focus for snorkelers. It is a small reef on the ground, and as quickly as you step into the sea, you can witness its mysteries. It is a combination of man-made and native coral reefs. It is a reef of 150 with both natural and artificial corals reaching from 3 m down to 12 m across. You will see various schools of butterflyfish and damselfish at different points in time of every week, clownfish, eels, octopus, squid, barracuda and even trevally. Do not forget to look for an aquatic shrine of vivid marine plants that are now blooming.

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3. Manta Point, Nusa Penida

Manta Point, Nusa Penida

Located just off the coastline of Nusa Penida, Manta Point seems to be the only location in Bali where the community of giant reef manta rays can be observed. Manta rays are amusing creatures; they are the benevolent pillars of the oceans, renowned for their peaceful and curious attitude to humankind. They rise from the depths of a native group of finer fish plucking their skin from parasitic infections. On the reef mound, these cleaner fishes live only somewhere below the ground. When you watch these Manta rays constantly rotating the coral mound to get their skins washed by the cleaner fishes, you can see the incredible eco-system, and being quite near to the sea, the snorkelers can see this whole sequence.

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4. Mangrove Point, Nusa Lembongan

Mangrove Point, Nusa Lembongan

The reefs around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, famed for their natural nursery for the infant fish species, are frequently struck by heavy winds, and this presents a risk to the scuba divers at times making it even dangerous. But the main snorkelling sight is the Mangrove Point on Nusa Lembongan’s north shore, and the tides on this shore are softer and great for snorkelling. As the title implies, the gaze is famous for the local mangrove ecosystem that serves millions of infant fishes as a freshwater nursery until they head out into heavy currents. Viewed mostly during a couple of weeks of May-June as the best location for snorkelling in Bali.

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5. Pos Dua, Menjangan Island

Pos Dua, Menjangan Island

When you get to explore and dive through a gulf of amazing clarity, this is known to be among the most spectacular snorkelling destinations in Bali! The place provides a number of coral reefs that are packed. And Pos Dua, which is particularly famous for being unbelievable in its transparency from which you can penetrate as deeply as 40 m down or so on occasions, is the ultimate phenomenon.

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6. The Coral Garden, Menjangan Island

The Coral Garden, Menjangan Island

This is another reef park on the north-western coast of Menjangan Island. It is undoubtedly the safest spot for newcomers and seasoned divers together to snorkel. It is popular for becoming an underwater garden of turtles from the wild seas. You will be as shocked by the tropical marine life as by the encounter. As you invest in an unforgettable experience under the oceans of Bali, you can only think about the amount of thrill the ocean generates. Regarded to be one of the best snorkelling spots in Bali with an impressive amount of energy.

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7. Lipah Bay, Amed

Lipah Bay, Amed

It is a black bay of sand and the seas are quiet, close to the coast close to the town of Amed. Amed is very popular for snorkelling in Bali, as this is the ideal venue in Bali to snorkel. You could see a beautiful reef here with rough and soft corals. But the final landing spot for the destroyed WWII Japanese patrol boat just appears to be Lipah Harbor. As the peak of the crash is just 6 m down and the floor is 12 m, it is a very major attraction.

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8. Biorock Reefs, Pemuteran

Biorock Reefs, Pemuteran

The wonderfully stunning Pemuteran Bay is situated off the coastline of a small coastal town on the isolated north-eastern coast of Bali. The bay is known for hosting one of the world’s first bio-rock artificial reef ventures. A bio-rock is a type of cement-like material that can be used by marine engineering to construct shelters that will essentially be the home for coral reefs, clams, oysters, as well as other aquatic organisms. The coral reefs that were historically destroyed by tides may be kept alive in this manner. To contribute to the excitement of snorkelling, one should even encounter marine mammals, coral sharks and sometimes even whale sharks on their beautiful days.

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9. Shark Island, Serangan

Shark Island, Serangan

The Bali Sharks project promises a refuge for baby sharks that will save the close disappearance of the popular reef sharks that once roamed the coral reef of Bali, and double the excitement for snorkelers, they always want to dive with the sharks. Bali Sharks, the creators of this project, have built an experimental shark colony in Serangan.

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