Think of Bali and you instinctively dream of enjoyable days spent at pristine beaches lapping up waves in the warm weather. Even though you may be a complete beach fan, there is plenty more to occupy your days with, which is safe too. Here’s how you can have plenty of fun in Bali without needing to shell a cent. If you also want to go to Bali. Grab Bali Packages at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Drool Over Vintage Cars

Things to Do in Bali

If you love all vintage automobiles, particularly cars and scooters, then go to Exotic Rides to look at the most charming automobiles. There will be all kinds of beauties to gaze at from Plymouth Deluxe 1951 and Vintage VW Kombi Vans, to retro Vespas and Australian 1961 Ek Holdens. Although a drive in either of these would cost money, you can still try other cars out free of charge.

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2. Hop, Skip, and Jump Over Boulders at the Beach of Boulders

Things to Do in Bali

The Yeh Leh Beach is a stunning place strewn with various kinds and sizes of boulders. Often known as the Boulder Beach Mysteries, this spot is indeed a fun location. Carry your camera to catch the gleaming rocks as falling sun rays brush them clean.

When ocean waves smash through a small gap between the rugged rocks, a water blow occurs, building up energy and eventually blowing away. A breathtaking image, it is worth getting on video.

Yeh Leh Beach as a Bali tourism place remains undeveloped. This is rendered exclusive and quiet by the fact that not many tourists frequent this cove. Yeh Leh beach is situated in Jembrana, just off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, Yeh Leh is not painted like your dream beach with fluffy white sand.

Rather, the beach is lined with thousands of boulders, often coated with coral or swept away by water. Over hundreds of years, these ancient rocks were smoothed over, leaving scant hints as to their nature.

In reality, the beach is easily available, and you can visit Yeh Leh in all its glory at low tide, with the boulders uncovered and plenty of curious sea animals trapped in the rock pools. So if you do, do not skip the spectacular sunset that lights every shiny rock on the shore up.

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3. Get Drenched at the Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Things to Do in Bali

Water Blow in Nusa Dua lets you see the awesome force of nature as large Indian Ocean waves continuously smash into the jagged limestone edges on the southeastern cliff of the peninsula. On the southern half of ‘twin islands,’ you can quickly access this custom-built lookout via paved walkways. There you can discover 240 degrees of spectacular seascape, including the occasional splashes and sprays only to the joy of it. Against your own risk, admire the expansive views and visit the Water Blow location – the broad waves can be deadly, and there are no security guards around.

The so-called ‘water blows’ result from the shrinking crag below the cliff face that follows powerful currents to funnel a large rush of water from its base up to 30 m above. Although taking photographs gives a nice view, make sure to cover your camera equipment from the unexpected splashes and sprays. There are very large odds of being drenched entirely.

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4. Participate in a Traditional Balinese Festival

Things to Do in Bali

You will not have to spend a penny to enjoy the merry celebrations that arise during the several annual Bali festivals. With its colorful parades and music, the Bali Arts Festival is an especially enchanting experience to be attending.

Another is the Bali Kites Festival, where you could admire the view of tons of kites covering the blue sky. While preparing your tour, find out the Bali festival schedule.

One of Indonesia’s most popular events, the Bali Kite Festival starts off in August as the winds tend to sweep around the magnificent island. It also signals the start of the tourism season as the festival draws a huge number of visitors who come together to enjoy the magnificent sight of numerous kites soaring across the city. The festival is organized throughout Bali but in Padanggalak Beach, north of Sanur, the opening and closing activities take place. Press on to find out more about the special Bali Kite Festival rituals and significance!

This festival is hosted across several locations on the island of Bali. The opening and closing events take place on Padanggalak Beach, which is on the northern side of Sanur. Other locations of the festival would include Masceti Beach which is on the Gianyar town; Ungasan; Mertasari Beach, Sanur; Abiansemal, Badung; Klungklung, Pelangi; Ungasan, Bukit Peninsula; Peliatan, Ubud; Marga, Tabanan; Denpasar and Kuta.

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5. Meet the Sea Turtles at Kuta Beach

Things to Do in Bali

The easiest way to get to learn about sea turtles is by visiting Kuta Beach’s two turtle restoration areas. The Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) has a huge, tortoise-shaped nursery where sand beds hold clusters of eggs saved from nesting sites. If you are fortunate, you could help release a few of the hatchlings into the water as well.

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