One of the natural wonders which just come right out of your imagination is Cappadocia in Turkey. Moon-like formations in Goreme, like hundreds of celestial hot air balloons, make Cappadocia feel beautiful. Without a question, this is one of the greatest experiences you would have in your lifetime. In all seasons Cappadocia is beautiful, but probably try avoiding July and August. We will not suggest visiting for only one day because it is not enough for exploring this place as other people do. Take an additional two days, four or five is ideal. If you want to go to Turkey book Turkey Packages at the best prices.

To make things even more interesting for you, we have designed a special Turkey Package for you consisting of the top 7 things to do when you are on a trip to Cappadocia.

1. Experience a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight

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Cappadocia is world-renowned for its sunrise balloon rides. Thousands of hot air balloons fill the atmosphere, flying above and across the canyons just like in a fantasy story. You would be picked up at your hotel at 5 AM and travel from 5:45 AM onwards. It is an opportunity once in a lifetime however there is a price tag to it. The price of a Hot Air Balloon trip in Cappadocia is typically about $180.

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2. Sunset Horse Riding through Rose Valley, Cappadocia

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Rose Valley is a popular one. Valleys in the Cappadocia region are nice to hike along, you would not be bored as a hiker from 2 to 10 kilometers out. Another way to get to experience the area is by horse. You should head on a 1- or 2-hour sunset run and walk up to an overlook with the horses to see the light vanish.

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3. Wake up at 5:30 AM for the Balloon View

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Even more, than riding in a balloon, the balloons feel their position of take-off. In Cappadocia, this became literally everyone’s number one thing to do. We had to shift to stop being struck by one of the baskets when in the air, this is how close they were.

Here is how to arrive at the take-off point of the balloon:

The day before, borrow a bike or a motorbike. Go out at 5 AM, look for The Dalton Brothers on Google Maps, there is a path heading down at the valley’s foot. When you see any hot air balloons lighting up, pursue that for about 5 minutes, and get ready to set up camp. Travel up on one of the cliffs for around 1 minute, and feel balloons floating around you. Book Turkey Packages Today!

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4. Pasabag or Open Air Museum Cappadocia

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The Cappadocia Open Air Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Turkey. Perhaps one of the things you would really like to see in Cappadocia. The open-air museum access is about 10 TL, which is 2.50$.

Visiting Pasabag is an alternative to the Open Air Center, which is a little more displaced but easy to access and less crowded.

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5. Get Lost in the Maze of Rugs

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Goreme, a town in the Cappadocia region, has a shop that sells rugs and other styles of arts and crafts. A massive store of more than 50,000 items of craftsmanship spread into 17 rooms which are Galeri Ikman. This belongs to the friendliest store owner we have ever seen. If you can fit something like that in your bag, take an article back home.

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6. Try the Best Cappadocia Food

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  • Pumpkin as top one absolute tourist favorite
  • Seek Kebab pottery at restaurant Sedef
  • Get a super cheap pizza with Flatbread at Firin Express
  • Dibek for the perfect quality meal overall

7. Stay in Typical Cappadocia Cave Hotel

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Centuries ago cave house was carved out and used as homes and churches. Nowadays several hotels have taken over these caves and preserve them.

How to Get to Goreme, Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, there seem to be 2 good options to travel there. The night bus runs from several cities and will drop you off at Goreme, Cappadocia, the very next morning. The bus takes approximately 12 hours and is commended for its pleasant experience and excellent service. There are two airports next to Goreme, as well. The flight takes around 1 hour to fly from Istanbul or Antalya to Kayseri. Returns are available for $30 to $100. This is a good price because you may not have that much time on a schedule or have not enough money to waste the entire night on the bus.

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