Located in Central Bali’s northern region, Munduk is a small town full of stillness and a serene environment, ideal for Bali trekking excursions. The town is surrounded by luxuriant green mountains and was a popular place for a long journey between the Dutch because of its nice environment. If you book a trip to Bali, there are more than enough kinds of activities in Munduk included with Bali Packages. There are many secrets to discover including beautiful lakes, colorful plants, rock formations, and more. Let us explore the Best Things to Do in Munduk on Bali Packages.

1. Watch the Sunrise on Mount Batur

things to do in bali

Holding your hands and watching the beautiful sunset is among the most romantic gestures to do while in Bali. The sunset at Mount Batur in Bali presents both of you with a real-time stunning sunset experience. If you and your companion are addicts to the excitement, you ought to appreciate the beauty of everything in nature together by going up to 1700 meters. It takes about 2 hours to go.

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2. The Best Infinity Pool in Munduk

things to do in bali

There are countless extravagant luxury hotels to indulge in, with the love of your life. The plantation Munduk Moding is situated alongside a coffee plantation with an excellent view of the infinity pool enclosed by lush green forests. The hotel provides lush gardens packed with berries, vegetables and herbs is certainly a pleasurable experience. ick up the amazing Bali Tour Packages and immerse yourself in the Munduk, Bali, the pool of joy, and pleasure.

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3. Click a Picture at the Handara Gate Bali

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You skipped just about every magnificence if you are in Bali and did not visit the Handara entrance. One of the most special items in Munduk for Bali Tour Packages is to click the best Instagram pics here. Take your camera and simply tap your partner across the road to make sure she faces the gate to get the ideal Instagram post. With our Bali International Honeymoon Kit, you will make your lunch more possible.

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4. Take a Swing at the Munduk Swing Viewpoints

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Hankering for a swing in the forest, then experience the Munduks region’s mountain ranges. Two neighboring reservoirs, also known as Twin Lake are fantastic to look at from the mountains. You need not stress how and when to reach or even what the costs are. Our Bali Tour Packages got you covered.

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5. Bali’s Famous Munduk Water Temple

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One of the most interesting things to do on Bali tour packages in Munduk is to make a pilgrimage to the famous temple of the water-Ulun Danu Bratan temple. The built-in beautiful lake Tamblingan is incredibly awesome. You can really see the water flow transformations, it is rising and going down because of climate changes. Those shifts in the water level render it more special. Thoroughly witness the majesty of the Munduk water temple with our Best Bali Packages.

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6. Bath in the Waterfalls of Munduk

things to do in bali

Bali’s northern area is a wonderful box even when it comes to breathtaking waterfalls. There are lots of impressive waterfalls rendering you spellbound by their breathtaking appeal to tourists. Some of the best waterfalls to visit are the waterfall of Munduk, the waterfall of Banyaumala Twin, thirty mins drive down the road from one another. Should you choose to take your experience of the waterfall to an expanded stage, you should go on a quarter-day tour of the majestic Sekumpul waterfall.