Filled to the brink with ancient artifacts left over from a conquerors’ march and lined with breathtaking views that never ceases to please, Turkey is a magnificent paradise that traverses Asia and Europe. Its vibrant community, popular cuisine, and immense background impress those who venture here, while its majestic landscapes-from the sun-drenched Mediterranean to the majestic peaks and sparsely populated great plains-are highlights by themselves. If you decide to enjoy a city break in the Byzantine and Ottoman greatness of Istanbul, laze at the lake, walk around ruins like Ephesus, or see some of the most beautiful panoramic views in the world in Pamukkale and Cappadocia, this country has several wonders. So let’s see Tourist Attractions in Turkey.

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1. Aya Sofya

 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Known around the world as one of the nation’s most stunning structures, the Aya Sofya Museum’s spell-binding Byzantine beauty (Hagia Sophia) is not only one of the best things to do in Istanbul but also in Turkey.

The beautiful bulk of its exterior is bordered by the delicate minarets that were introduced during the Ottoman invasion, whilst the sumptuous and cavernous frescoed interior is a great reminder of the wealth and strength of old Constantinople. For any visitor visiting the country, this popular monument is a must-do.

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 2. Ephesus

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Not to be overlooked, Ephesus’ immense ruin is a town with monumental temples and marble-columned highways. Some of the most comprehensive, to these day-standing Roman cities in the Mediterranean region, this really is the place to see what it has to have been like throughout the Roman Empire’s golden period.

A sightseeing tour here should take at least half a day to cover the popular landmarks and longer, if you truly choose to continue exploring, but make sure that you schedule your journey so you don’t feel hurried.

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3. Cappadocia

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Cappadocia’s dark, swooping rock valleys are a fantasy of any painter. Cliff ridges and crests of hills are hosts to undulating panoramic views of wave-like rock or wacky-shaped pinnacles created by centuries of wind and water activity.

Even if you don’t feel like climbing for the sights, this is one of the best places in the world for having a hot air balloon tour. If the lunar-scape is just not enough to attract you, snuggled in some of these valleys are the Byzantine Period frescoed rock-cut churches, while this region was an important early Christian location.

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 4. Topkapi Palace

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

The Topkapi Palace, sumptuous beyond imagination, brings you into the sultans’ luxurious, opulent house. This was from here that the Ottoman Period sultans built out a kingdom that would expand through the Middle East and Africa into Europe and downwards.

The interiors provide an exquisite glimpse at the Ottoman force center, with their decadently exuberant tiling and luxurious jeweled furniture. The nearby public gardens were once the Royal Court’s exclusive possession but are now accessible to the public and provide a quiet, green refuge from the traffic of the area.

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 5. Pamukkale

 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Some of the most prominent natural wonders in Turkey, Pamukkale’s pure white travertine terraces (“Cotton Castle” in English) collapse down the hill, appearing like an out-of-place snowfield amongst the lush landscape. While the travertines themselves are a highlight of a Turkey tour, on top of this calcite hill lies the massive and rambling ruins of Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa area, which offers another excuse to explore.

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 6. Sumela Monastery

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Sumela Monastery (Monastery of the Virgin Mary) is the prime tourist destination along the Black Sea shore, with its breathtaking, isolated atmosphere, built into a cliff face. Walking around this ancient religious building, with its church interiors filled with sparkling and colorful frescoes, is a must for anybody making the long trek to the northeastern area of Turkey.

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 7. Mount Nemrut

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

The biggest sightseeing drawcard for Eastern Turkey, the funerary mound at the peak of Mount Nemrut, is littered with the shattered ruins of one-time giant sculptures that guarded it. This odd and isolated location must be one of the most unusual archeological places in Turkey. At the summit, the colossal stone heads of long-forgotten gods face down, throwing an eerie shadow over the desolate mountain top. The time to come is at dawn, and you can see the sculptures from the dark as they loom.

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8. Ani

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

The magnificent red-brick houses that are now collapsing in the midst of the steppe grass have a curious influence on all tourists. Don’t skip the Redeemer’s Church of St. Gregory’s Church, still noticeable with its intricate stone masonry and fresco artifacts.

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9. Aspendos

 Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Just south of Antalya celebrates the pomp and ceremony of the rule of Marcus Aurelius, the jaw-dropping mammoth bulk of the Aspendos Roman Theatre. Considered the best remaining specimen of a still existing classical period theater in the country, it is one of the greatest attractions of the Antiquity.

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 10. Cruising the Mediterranean

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Cruising on a boat, for good cause, is the number one practice for Bodrum and Fethiye tourists. The steep forest-clad hills, remote coves that feature tiny white-sand beaches, and hundreds of scattered islands are the ideal spot to visit by boat. Also, diehard landlubbers are becoming fascinated.


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