It’s an opportunity to live your dreams in Thailand with the inexpensive allure of beaches, an electronic nightlife, and heart pampering adventures. Whether you’re considering a bachelor/bachelor tour, a beach break, or a shopping adventure, there’s enough for the nation to fit all your needs. So dig in and find out our informative recommendations for the best places to stay with friends in Thailand & if you want to go to Thailand with friends so don’t wait & book Thailand Packages at Wizfair Travel.


Where to Go in Thailand

You are on a stunning island off Thailand’s coastline — it can not get any greater than this. Spend a day at a famous, vibrant beach or start exploring the desolate lakes of Ang Thong National Marine Park. Have you been anticipating courtship? Choose a 5-star luxury resort, a nice, remote bungalow, or sheltered cottages.

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Where to Go in Thailand

You’ve definitely heard about Pattaya, especially because of her seedy bars and ping-pong displays. But look beyond the rush and you will be really hooked by its non-holding ambiance of party and vigorous culture. At the center of all activity in Pattaya is Walking Avenue. There are thousands of tourists swamping it either in a casino, partying in a Muay Thai battle, or relaxing with a cocktail in a pub, in punk music at the open-air cafe. The bright, chaotic, and stimulating environment will ensure that you seldom find a boring moment here.

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Where to Go in Thailand

Phuket is ideal for those who want to experience a constant stream of activity throughout the day and, party till dawn, and sleep the next day on that same shore under coconut palms. Either night or day, the dream of happy times remains. Phuket has everything for a party lover of every sort. Bangla Road is the famed street that is lit by dance clubs, beer bars, go-go nightclubs, and strip joints for party animals. it is indeed everyone’s one-stop party mall. Every day, you can spend here and you still wouldn’t get enough of the Bangla Route.

Would you like to keep making the night enjoyable? There are also Bob Marley beach clubs, isolated hippy lairs, and swanky rooftop bars here.

If Phuket makes you sleepy by night, your heart will race by day. Scuba diving and Ziplining will offer thrill-seekers a fix, while anyone searching for anything milder should swim, swim or fly ATVs. ATVs are not enough.

Best thing:- Phang Nga Bay or Phi Phi Island excursions on the day

How to get to Phuket:- A flight from Bangkok of one hour.

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Where to Go in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi is nearly like a celebration in the world of the island – and even Leonardo DiCaprio loved it in the film, The Beach. Being blanched by blond sand and tempting wine, this adorable little island can’t simply be ignored.

Maya Bay is Phi Phi’s greatest attraction and the key incentive for voyageurs to flood in. A bay of blue-green water covered in rugged rocks, this is one of Thailand’s most visited locations.

The island sits within a national underwater reserve, which ensures the dive sites are more spectacular than other Thailand locations. The corals are a sensory delight and the water flows with tortoises and even large marine sharks.

It’s now one of Thailand’s best locations for scuba diving.

Upon dusk, the island springs to life, with thousands of people from the beach bars scattered across the island partying to the rhythms. Booze here is directly offered in barrels. Driven with a shot of molten confidence, intoxicated voyageurs attempt tricks of burning objects like jump ropes and limbo sticks. This is not exactly unusual. Nowadays the scene here gets very wild.

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