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We strive for strong relationships with our customers to serve memorable moments with safe and sound experience. Our dedicated team is just a call away to guide you throughout the journey.

Visa Application

We at Wizfair Travels understands, value and stick to the fact that vacations and holidays are a time for a refreshment; rejuvenation and exploring new places, absorbing nature and culture with good times. A holiday trip that you have been planning for long offers you an opportunity to make it true and access it through visa. You need an all access pass that allows you to explore the world. Visa is a travel document that allows you to be the traveler you were always waiting for. You need to be sure that you have tickets available before you apply for visa. As travel consulates will ask you to submit your travel dates during the process. But things have changed a lot now, you can also apply for a visa online by following an easy process. Online visa application has made things simple and comfortable.

Steps to Get Your Visa

Get a Quote

Register all the required details in the Visa form to get a quote

Submit Documents

You have to deposit all the required documents for an easy application process, you can do it online or at the branch.

Visit the Consulate Office

Visit the respective consulate office for the interview, biometric and other required formalities.

Receive Visa

We make sure that you receive timely updates on your Visa Application and you can receive the visa easily.

Why Apply for Visa online?

Getting visa has become simple and easy because of online visa application process. You have to visit to an embassy just once, only if it is needed. The era of technology has made online visa application process convenient and comfortable for travelers, be it is your business visa, student visa or tourist visa, you can get it done by following the easy process. Since you know about visa requirements, you must know that there are some countries which provide visa on arrival. Visa on Arrival, also known as VOA, it is given at the port of entry. VOA or visa on arrival refers to you will still require a visa prior entering into country.

Different Types of Visa - Tourist and Business

The type of visa needed while travelling varies as per your travel purpose. Here are the different types of visa you can choose from according to your requirements. Know these different types of visa in India and apply for a visa online accordingly.

Tourist Visa

The most popular visa is definitely a tourist visa. The best part of this visa type is that one can explore the country as a tourist and even meet relatives and friends. It is a perfect answer for individuals who wish to spend a small period of time here.

Student Visa

This visa is specifically for students who want to pursue their further studies. The validity of a student visa is dependent upon the duration of your course.

Business Visa

A business visa is issued to individuals who are travelling abroad for business purposes such as meetings, conferences, business trips etc.

Transit Visa

A transit visa is basically a short period visa given to an individual during their journey. Many countries require that an individual has a stopover of at least 24 hours to get a transit visa.

Work Permit Visa

It is a type of visa where an official stamp on the passport is given authorizing you to work, travel or study in the country for a certain period of time.

Why Book Visa with Wizfair Travel

  • Timely visa application update and tracking
  • Less time consumption with online visa application
  • Thorough assistance with documentation that automatically eliminates the chances of rejection
  • Secured online visa application process
  • How to Apply Visa Online

    The procedure of Application for Visa differs from one country to another. Every country has its own procedure, time frame, rules and regulations that need to be followed. Go through the following steps that an applicant requires to follow to get a visa.

    1. Select your visa type

    2. Check your eligibility

    3. Fill the required details in the application form

    4. Make sure you are available on the date assigned for your interview

    5. Do not forget to carry your documents when you visit embassy


    Here are the steps that every applicant should keep in mind:

    Make sure you have original and copies of all the necessary documents for your visa interview

    The Visa Application form is available on the official embassy website

    The requirement of documents for visa varies from one country to other, make sure you have a valid passport, a photocopy of return air tickets, two copies of your visa application digital photo and a passport scan of the information page.